Conroe, Texas

Nearing the end of the trip to visit our daughter, we stopped in Conroe, Texas. As always, we dropped into the local brewery (Copperhead Brewery) to sample their wares. Lucy-Jo's flight consisted of 4 beer samples; the Medusa (Belgian Dark Strong), Copperhead White (Belgian Wheat), Cherry Medusa (Fruited Belgian Dark Strong), and Striker (IPA). While the IPA is usually not her style, she still found it to be quite palatable. The Medusa was her favorite, followed closely by the Cherry Medusa.

Don't let the snake logo fool you. The real mascot of this friendly little place is Winston, the Corgi. We were greeted at the door by this little guy. He refused to be ignored and even brought us a toy to share. As with most Texas watering holes, the people were very welcoming and certainly knowledgeable. I would definitely suggest stopping by if you are in the area. The Copperhead Brewery is not too far from the freeway and has great parking; something we always welcome as our truck is certainly Texas-sized!

Cooperhead Brewery

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