A Closer Look at EDCOR Electronics

BuildingEDCOR sits on a 3-3/4 acre plot in a 10,000 square foot building, right off of National Parks Highway in Carlsbad, New Mexico. All of EDCOR’s manufacturing, sales, stocking and shipments occur at this location.

Let’s start with your order. EDCOR has a sales staff which includes a few technical engineers. Once your order is placed and in our system, it moves on to the design engineers or into the production schedule.

EngineeringOur engineering department has a number of DELL workstations used for designs, schematics and mechanical drawings. All of EDCOR’s data is kept on our server that is backed up daily. We also keep hard copies of all transformer designs in fireproof safes. Design data is very important to us.

ServerProduction begins by getting the material ready for the order. We have a large selection of bobbins that range from 1/8” by 1/8” cores up to 1-1/2” by 4” cores, PC mounted, with terminals or standard leads. EDCOR also keeps a hefty supply magnet wire on hand from 44 gauge up to 16 gauge.

WindingThe transformer is wound on CNC (computer numerical controlled) winding machines or on a more manual winding machines depending on the quantity of the order and complexity of the design. The CNC winding machines give more of a consistent winding. But, we have winders here that have been winding for over 30 years and can out wind our CNC machines with no problem.

FinishingAfter winding, the transformer is moved to one of our finishing stations. The station depends on how the unit is to be finished; if it takes leads, terminals or is PC mounted. All of the solder that EDCOR uses is lead free and RoHS compliant.

Stacking MachineFrom finishing, the transformer proceeds to stacking. EDCOR uses a number of different cores. We primarily use M6 steel for our transformers, but also use nickel and powder ferrite for specials and customs. We have a number of stacking machines that stack from 3/16” up to 1-1/2” EI steel cores. All nickel cores are stacked completely by hand. Stacking machines make stacking a transformer easier and quicker, but they do not get the stack tight enough. This is where our finishing stackers come in. Finish StackingThey finish the stacking of the transformer, put in any keepers and make sure the transformer core is tight enough. Finally they put on any type of mounting hardware, such as channels or brackets.

VarnishingNext, the transformer moves to the varnishing room where it is dipped in an electrical varnish and set out to air dry to a nice clear finish. EDCOR does not bake any of its transformers in an oven to dry the varnish. Baking produces an ugly, yellow, crusty finish. That is not acceptable for an EDCOR product.

TestingThe transformer then arrives into the testing department. Over the years, EDCOR has invested in wide variety of test equipment for the explicit purpose of creating the best transformers for our clients. Depending on the transformer and specification, it can be tested in a number of different ways. Our test equipment ranges from scopes, meters, power supplies, amplifiers to our computer run Audio Precision test equipment. We can plot THD, noise, frequency response, ect. Many of our larger clients require recorded records.

LabelingAfter testing, the last steps are labeling and shipping. EDCOR ships out transformers all over the world. Large amounts to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and of course North America, just to name a few.

ShippingTo give you an idea of how many transformers EDCOR produces, in the first six months of 2010, we shipped well over 20,000 units, and that is only in audio transformers!

SpoolsAnother aspect of EDCOR you may not know is that even though we are known for our blue transformers, we are also green. EDCOR recycles much of its waste and used material. With the large amount of magnet wire we go through each week, we get a good amount of empty plastic spools. We also get plenty of cardboard and discarded steel. And yes, even some of our transformers don’t make it out the door and the copper is saved for recycling. EDCOR also offers bottled water to all of their employees and the empty bottles are recycled. Most of EDCOR’s recycling goes to the Rainbow Recycling Center. This recycling center is run by CARC, Inc. which provide services for people with special needs that enable them to be active, productive citizens.

KaraLastly, we cannot forget one of the most import jobs at EDCOR: security. EDCOR employs a security officer that is top notch in her field, she keeps a close eye on everything that goes on here. Her name is Kara and she has taken up the position of watch dog.

Well, that was just a little glimps inside EDCOR Electronics.